Welcome to From the Lighthouse, Durham University English Society’s online literary magazine.

Durham University has always offered a lot to its students, in terms of sports, the extra-curricular, and the academic. Its literary scene, however, is in its infancy. Societies such as the Poetry Society, the Creative Writing Society, as well as various publications like The Bubble and The Palatinate are all doing good work to bring out and foster Durham’s hidden talent.

In 2014, the English Society wanted to join in. From the Lighthouse is a permanent literary space for Durham students, free and open to all kinds of writing, and attached to the English Society so that it won’t fade away at graduation.

In addition to our annual competition, open for poetry, short fiction and flash fiction entries, we accept submissions on a rolling basis, and publish at the end of Michaelmas, Epiphany and Easter terms, in December, March and June. We’re looking for all sorts of writing, be it poetry, fiction, drama, essay or translation. Send us pieces that will make us think, feel, or just feel overwhelmed. Send us work that is offbeat, truthful, intelligent, subtle, fearless, perceptive and concise. Send us something that comes from that lighthouse in Virginia Woolf’s novel, To the Lighthouse, where it symbolises something more eternal than just us.

We can’t wait to read it. And we hope you can’t wait to write.

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